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LUBEX Lubricants

Manufactured by a recognised blender, under license approval for Monbatt Ireland.

All lubricant products (Engine Oils) are produced from high quality base oils, which is a product that is refined from crude (virgin oil) and blended to the highest standards. To achieve a premium quality product, a range of special additives are used in the formulation of the different oil grades required for the different engine types.

LUBEX Lubricants

Engine Oils

10W40 Semi synthetic, is predominately a mineral base lubricant with additives such as detergent and viscosity improvers to help with wear and tear of vehicles with older engine types.

5W30 Fully Synthetic products are available in a long life and or low saps blend, to suit all modern engines. These types of lubricants are produced through a chemical process. Hence Synthetic base!

Again, like 10W40, a range of additives are used in the blending process to achieve a product offering a better performance in extreme temperatures. These additives help extend the oil change intervals, along with reducing the carbon build up in engines and DPF’s.

All Lubex engine oil products meet current API (Automotive Petroleum Industry) specifications

Lubex Industry Standard for Europe is ACEA, API is American standard 

LUBEX Lubricants



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