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Bosch batteries

Bosch, a world leader in the automotive service industry, has a long tradition of excellence, which is evidenced by its automotive battery range.

Bosch's latest battery offering comes in the shape of the S range, which is sub-divided into four categories: the S3, S4, S5 and S6. The S range benefits from what Bosch terms, Power Frame grid technology, which represents a revolutionary new development for Bosch batteries,

Bosch batteries

The Range / Key Points

  • The S3 range reflects OE specifications for vehicles that were built up to 2000.
  • The S4 range covers today's OE specifications and has 15 per cent increased cold start power.
  • The S5 range is designed for premium vehicle segment and large diesel engine vehicles.


Bosch batteries
Bosch batteries

New Stop Start Technology

Thanks to AGM-Technology with fixed electrolyte, the Bosch-Battery S6 is extremely cycle-proof and long lasting. Bosch even recommends the Bosch-Battery S6 for middle-class cars with power starting at 3,500 watts and for vehicles with an extreme cycle load, such as taxis.

The entire S range is suitable for internal installation, because they are completely sealed and maintenance free. The S range offers clear battery recommendations based on vehicle age and electrical equipment levels.

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